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        Healthcare Solutions Provider

        We are committed to providing innovative and safe healthcare, fitness, and wireless products to the South African market. Our advanced self-monitoring devices help individuals track their health metrics accurately and conveniently, while the FORA Telehealth System facilitates comprehensive patient management for more accessible and efficient remote healthcare. We offer a variety of fitness products designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, alongside wireless solutions that ensure seamless connectivity with various health and fitness applications. Our Keto monitoring devices, including glucose and ketone testing kits, effectively track ketogenic diet progress, and our range of diabetes monitoring devices from well-known brands provide accurate blood glucose readings to aid in diabetes management. Additionally, we offer various blood glucose and ketone test strips and lancets essential for precise self-monitoring. Explore our shop to discover how each product category can benefit your health and well-being.

        Active Play

        We offer Plush Toys, Outdoor Toys and Brain Flakes

        Explore our extensive range of Plush Toys and Brain Flakes, designed to spark creativity and foster learning in children of all ages. From construction sets to educational resources, we offer products that inspire imagination and develop spatial thinking skills.

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