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FORA® 6 Connect

With the ability to measure multiple-parameters in a single device, and with Bluetooth connectivity, you will achieve more comprehensive diabetes management.

BluCon Waterproof NightRider

Nightrider BluCon is an Electronic Transmitter to connect Libre sensor to mobile phone.

FORA® Active plus P30

FORA Active Plus is a hospital-grade blood pressure monitoring system clinically validated in accordance with ESH 2010. It helps you keep track of your blood pressure every day.

FORA® Diamond MINI

The new IST Technology the Diamond Series strips ensure high accuracy and precision at wide hematocrit ranges.


Really accurate, simple and multiple use daily measurement device for anyone serious about a ketogenic diet. Awesome product from the Swiss

Great value for money and awesome kit & combo!! Does the job and is quick & easy to use. Also enjoying the function of syncing readings with App on my phone. All test strips have long expiry dates.

Excellent piece of equipment. Easy to use and pairs seamlessly with the iFORAHM app. A vital instrument for use on a daily basis to monitor your levels. Must have

Once we had learned how much blood the machine needs to do a reading, everything has been great. It's easy to use and uploads the readings to the cell phone app instantly when you eject the strip. The app is great for tracking progress and which foods make you spike and which don't.

These strips are accurate & amazing to monitor my ketones - effortless to use once you get the hang of it.

Fantastic product, display is big and easy to read. Very much like 2 modes for reading child' and adult's temperature. Design is beautiful. Very impressed with this product.

Clinical Validation Specifics

All of the ForaCare monitoring systems are clinically validated.