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Wylie the White Rat


7 Inch Plush White Rat

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Wylie lives up to her name, because her wily ways allowed her to bravely escape the research lab that she was born in. With a little planning and a lot of tenacity, Wylie made a break for it one day, and despite all odds she made it out into the fresh air of the beautiful wide world! She now spends her days scurrying around the countryside to her heart’s content, just as a rat should!

Soft plush fabric | Huggable and super cute | Comes with its own story!

This plush stuffed animal is securely sewn from high quality polyester and acrylic fabrics and filled with white polypropylene plush filling.

Recommended for ages 3+ | No phthalates, lead, BPA, or heavy metals | Please hand wash with light soap and cold water and let air dry.


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