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BodyMetrix™ Professional

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Are you Measuring Fat Loss Progress?

BodyMetrix provides multiple solutions for your practice

  • Cross-sectional scans show fat loss & muscle changes over time
  • Accurately measure body composition, shift focus away from the scale
  • Capture information to evaluate relative disease risk
  • Provide clients with clear understanding of how weight is distributed

Ultrasound Science

The illustration shows how the BodyMetrix transmits and receives pulse echos to produce a graph. The signal shows peaks (echos) from each interface (e.g. fat-muscle, muscle-muscle, and muscle-bone).

If you have ever heard an echo you have experienced the fundamentals of ultrasound measurement. You hear an echo when sound travels through air and reflects from a wall or mountain and comes back to your ear. If you time how long it takes for you to hear the echo you can calculate how far away the reflecting object is. The BodyMetrix System generates an ultrasound signal that travels through tissue and then records the reflected signal. Continuing the echo analogy, the BodyMetrix device plays the role of your mouth and your ear. Ultrasound waves travel in tissue and strong reflections occur at the boundary of different tissue types, for example, fat-muscle and muscle-bone.

Body Composition

Body composition is calculated by measuring subcutaneous fat thickness at multiple sites. The number of sites depend on the formula and can range from an approximate single bicep measurement to as many as 9 sites which provide an accurate measurement of body composition. The sites are illustrated below.
BodyMetrix™ System includes hand held ultrasound probe, ultrasound gel, circumference measuring tape and BodyViewProFit™ software.

  • Uses ultrasound technology to accurately measure fat & muscle thickness and calculate body composition
  • Scan targeted areas to directly see changes in your fat and muscle thickness
  • Integrated software tracks & graphs % Body Fat, weight, fat thickness. Calculate BMR and BMR with Activity.
  • USB powered the BodyMetrix plugs directly into USB port on Windows or Mac computer
  • FDA cleared for consumer use. Now used by consumers, universities, professional teams & trainers


Really accurate, simple and multiple use daily measurement device for anyone serious about a ketogenic diet. Awesome product from the Swiss

Very happy with product. Testing my cholesterol and it is accurate.

Excellent piece of equipment. Easy to use and pairs seamlessly with the iFORAHM app. A vital instrument for use on a daily basis to monitor your levels.

I am so happy to receive this product, and so quickly. It is really easy to use, and is a great help.

These strips are accurate & amazing to monitor my ketones - effortless to use once you get the hang of it.

Fantastic product, display is big and easy to read. Very much like 2 modes for reading child' and adult's temperature. Design is beautiful. Very impressed with this product.