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FORA Weight Scale Bluetooth with Talking Function 250kgs


Extra-large LCD screen with backlight and talking function

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Your Commitment to Fitness

The ForaCare W550 Bluetooth precision scale is perfect for those who are looking to take control of their weight.

Taking weight measurements will no longer be a challenge for the visually impaired as you can have the results read out to you.

Coupled with our step-on activation technology, you and your family can take readings quickly and easily!


The large LCD backlight screen can be easily read from a distance and in dark environments, and the scale can store up to 5 individual user profiles


The iFORA MP (Multiple-Parameter) app is a handy tool designed to manage the multiple parameters that are fundamental to health management, which include Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Body Weight and Temperature records. Transfer your data to obtain an overview of your health, observe statistical data and visualized trend graphs! It's available on the Apple and Google Play stores!


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