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FORA Wearable Temperature Monitor


Wearable Baby Thermometer

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Daddy and Mommy's Little Helper

FORA TM10 Wearable Temperature Monitor is a thermometer equipped with Bluetooth function for underarm temperature measurement and monitoring. It is a home-use device intended for infants and children younger than 3.

Parents can set up temperature alarms to notify them when the temperature goes outside the expected range. Using Bluetooth connectivity you can transfer your baby's data to the iFORA BM (Baby Monitor) smartphone application, it is designed to keep your parents informed about every temperature fluctuation of your baby. This way you will not need to wake up every night to be assured that the baby is in healthy condition. Follow the trends and customize the alarms for when your baby's temperature goes above the normal range.

With a full battery, the FORA TM10 can continuously measure temperature for up to 150 hours!

FORA TM10's armband has passed biocompatibility, skin irritation, and skin sensitization tests. Its skin-friendly design will not cause skin irritation for your child. The length of the armband is 12 to 20cm, ideal for children from 6 months to 4 years of age.

You can easily customize the temperature display to your preferred measurement units, between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


FORA TM10 has a measurement range of 20.00 C ~ 45.00 C (68.00 F ~ 113.00 F), and a display resolution of 0.01 C (0.01 F).

The measurement accuracy is as such:

0.10 C ( 0.18 F) for the range of 20.00 C to 34.99 C (68.00 F to 94.98 F);


0.05 C ( 0.09 F) for the range of 35.00 C to 38.00 C (95.00 F to 100.40 F);


0.10 C ( 0.18 F) for the range of 38.01 C to 45.00 C (100.42 F to 113.00 F)


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