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FORA FocusTemp – Contactless Forehead Thermometer (IR42)


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Looking for a reliable thermometer?

Look no further. Designed for use on all ages, with specific modes for infants, adults, and surface temperatures.

The FORA IR42 Forehead Thermometer gives you a fast 1-second reading with single button control and a soft sound of a beep to indicate that the measurement is complete, the forehead thermometer has been exclusively designed to be manually operated and to easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature modes.

New batteries will allow the thermometer to last for approx. 5,000 measurements!

With a memory capacity of 30 measurements, the FORA IR42 is the perfect thermometer for your entire family, and ideal for professional or home use!



You can easily track temperature variations by using Bluetooth to transfer data to the iFORA MP (Multiple-Parameter) smartphone app to observe the trends, statistics and other information for more comprehensive fever monitoring.


Display Temperature range:

Forehead: 32 C to 43 C

Object Surface: 0 C to 100 C

With a 0.1 C Display Resolution



Forehead: 0.2 C for the range of 35.0 C to 42.0 C / 0.3 C for the range of <35.0 C or >42.0 C

Keep track of your results, manage your patterns and trends over time, and even share your results with family or you healthcare provider.


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