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FORA Diamond Strips 50pcs


Blood Glucose Test Strips

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FORA Diamond test strips, when used together with FORA Diamond Blood Glucose Monitoring System, allow your blood glucose levels to be measured by yourself at home or by healthcare professionals. It uses fresh whole blood samples from the finger, and the following areas: the palm, forearm and upper arm.

Strips are in individual foil packs, they require only a tiny sample volume of blood of 0.5 L, and you'll get a quick result in 5 Seconds.



Hematocrit: The hematocrit level is limited to between 20% and 60%. Please ask your healthcare professional if you do not know your hematocrit level.

Neonatal Use: This test strip must not be used for the testing of newborns.

Altitude Effects: Altitudes up to 10,742 feet (3,275 m) do not affect test results.

Do not test blood glucose during or soon after a xylose absorption test. Xylose in the blood can produce elevated glucose results.


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