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FORA 6 Ketone Starter Pack with 20 * beta-Ketone Strips


FORA 6 Ketone Starter Pack with twenty beta-Ketone Strips

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A prepared starter pack for those who want to take control of their health by tracking the levels of ketones in their blood. Vital for those planning on starting, or for those who already have experience with, a ketogenic diet.



Fora 6 Connect Multi-Functional Monitoring System

The FORA 6 Connect is not just another glucometer: it s an affordable high precision performance multi-parameter tester. The FORA 6 Connect is compact, versatile, accurate and used by individuals and professionals alike.

This very compact device tests for the following 6 parameters, using selected FORA 6 Test strips:

1. Blood Glucose, 2. Haemoglobin, 3. Haematocrit, 4. beta-Ketone, 5. Uric Acid, and 6. Total Cholesterol

The Fora 6 Connect communicates with your smart device using Bluetooth. Once paired the built-in Bluetooth effortlessly transferers stored test results from the meter to a mobile device or PC, by means of the FORA HM App. The HM App uploads measurement results to Secure Cloud Storage for data analytics, available to the user or a designated Health Care Professiona via the FORA TeleHealth System.

This product is NON-RETURNABLE (A 1 Year limited exchange warranty applies to the meter only)


NB: Certain items in the box is for personal use only - do not share the lancing device or needles.


FORA 6 Beta-Ketone Strips - 20 strips

FORA 6 beta-Ketone test strips, when used together with Fora 6 Connect Multi-Functional Monitoring System, allow your beta-Ketone levels to be measured by yourself at home or by healthcare professionals. It uses fresh whole blood samples from the finger.

Strips are in individual foil packs, they use the Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase enzyme, require only a tiny sample volume of blood of 0.8 L, and you'll get a result in just 10 Seconds.

The Measurement Range is 0.1~8.0 mmol/L

Hematocrit: The hematocrit level is limited to between 10% and 70%. Please ask your

healthcare professional if you do not know your hematocrit level.

Neonatal Use: This test strip must not be used for the testing of newborns.

This test strip is used for testing fresh capillary and venous.

Altitude Effects: Altitudes up to 10,742 feet (3,275 m) do not affect test results.


FORA Lancing Kit

FORA Lancing Device allows you to collect your capillary blood from your

fingertip (and alternative sites) easily and virtually pain free.

The Adjustable Lancing Device offers you 6 depths of skin penetration.

Eject used lancets without needing to touch directly to avoid infection

A Clear Cap is included for Alternative Site Testing (AST)

You get 100 Fine Sterile Lancets


FORA Safety Lancets 30G

FORA Safety Lancets are designed for safe and easy capillary blood collection. The single-use lancets retract automatically and permanently after the puncture, allowing the controlled depth of the incision and protecting users from cross-infection.

Comfortable Features:

- Tri bevel sharpened point

- Ready-to-use. No pre-loading or pre-assembling is needed.

- Patented internal dual-spring mechanism

- Unique ergonomic design

Safety Features:

- Single-Use: Reduces risks of cross-infection

- Safe: Automatic retraction after the puncture

- Easy to Use: Twist and press

- Accurate: Controlled puncture depth

- Stable Quality: Sterilized, 5-year shelf life


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