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Alba the Albino Burmese Python


100 Inch Long Plush Python

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While they are not commonly found in the wild, albino pythons, like Alba, are very popular as pets. Alba is a gentle snake, which is common for Burmese pythons despite their massive size, and she doesn t mind being around people when they pay her a visit. Alba's coloring results from a lack of pigment in her skin, making it so that her markings are white and yellow!

Soft plush fabric | Huggable and super cute | Comes with its own story!

This plush stuffed animal is securely sewn from high quality polyester fabrics and filled with white polypropylene plush filling.

Recommended for ages 3+ | No phthalates, lead, BPA, or heavy metals | Please hand wash with light soap and cold water and let air dry.


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