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Patient Testimonial


Patient Testimonial

I am a healthy, strong and energetic person. Playing rugby is my passion.

At the end of grade 11 I started losing weight, with an endless thirst. I lost 15kg in a few weeks and felt tired and drained most of the time. Eating was a challenge due to the thrush in my mouth. It was just terrible. After a number of doctor’s visits they realised that my fasting glucose levels were extremely high. I was admitted to hospital.

This was a big shock for me. How will I continue to play rugby? Will I pick up the weight I lost? Will I have a normal life? Will life ever be normal again? What will I eat?

These were just some of the things I needed to deal with. Changed my diet to a diabetic friendly diet was the first step. This in itself was a challenge. Understanding which foods will provide sustained energy. Going back to the gym, getting fit. I picked up the muscle weight I lost in 6 weeks. This did wonders for my confidence. The rugby season started, and this was interesting! Understanding how adrenalin in a game influences my glucose levels and how my body went into recovery post games. There were several events where my glucose levels went really low. With monitoring and management I now understands my body better and how my body reacts to strenuous activities. I worked hard to remain fit and healthy by continuously managing my diabetes. I was selected as part of Helpmekaar College first team and subsequently I was selected as part of the U/18 Lions Academy team. This is a true testimony of my determination to have a normal life living with diabetes.

I have taken my diagnosis, my fears and uncertainties about diabetes and changed it into a healthy lifestyle with a successful outcomes! Diabetes does not stop you from doing anything, it is up to you to determine what your trajectory in life is and what you want to achieve!

Thank you to Altys (FORA Africa) for standing by me in this journey, specifically John Smith”. Ryno Bosch

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