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ForaCare Telehealth System

Total Patient Management Solutions

Bridge the Gap Between Physician Care and Diabetes Self Management

FORA TeleHealth System offers patients better access to their health data and allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor their patient’s health conditions via the internet. The software accurately collects data in digital format and incorporates it into a digital record that can be transmitted securely. Patients, family, healthcare providers and consultants can easily analyse health records remotely and respond efficiently.

Features that You Need

Patients’ test results can be uploaded through the iFORA mobile app to the FORA® Telehealth System cloud at ease.

The FORA® Telehealth System features various online statistical reports that allow healthcare professional teams to monitor their patient’s treatment status in real-time. The reports include:

- Abnormal results review

- Abnormal measurement frequency review

- Strip shortage monitoring within the FORA® Telehealth System, caregivers can also directly send reports to their patients, which could include feedback, healthy diets, medications or exercising routines to further assist in the treatment.