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About FORA Africa

FORA Africa Medical Distributor of healthcare, fitness, and wireless products

FORA Africa is an established medical distributor of innovative and safe healthcare, fitness, and wireless products. We distribute to the South African healthcare market and have trusted relationships with a broad clientèle. FORA Africa is committed to improving quality of life and focuses on continuous improvement and innovation by providing accurate and practical healthcare solutions for a range of health concerns, including diabetes and hypertension care for home and professional use.

FORA Africa, which forms part of the Altys Group, is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Altys Group was founded in 2010 with a view to providing effective solutions for health and mobility. We are committed to improving quality of life by focusing on innovation and continuous improvement for chronic conditions that require intensive long-term care and substantial medical resources. Foremost, we aim at providing accurate and practical healthcare solutions to the following areas:

  • Diabetes care and related illnesses – Diabetes care, Hypertensive care, Fever care, Body composition and weight measurement, TeleHealth solutions.
  • Our approach is direct and hands-on. Our strength is anchored in our teamwork, our dedication to service and our attachment to performance.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Altys Group is a Level 4 BBBEE contributor. We actively support diabetic care associations and diabetic individuals.

Our Partners

ForaCare Suisse AG is an established supplier of innovative and secure health care products. They distribute to the international healthcare market and are dedicated to Diabetes Care and related Illnesses.

Medical products distributed by Altys Group (FORA Africa): FORA® Diamond range of blood glucose monitoring devices, FORA® TeleHealth platform, and products for Hypertensive and Fever care.

IntelaMetrix, Inc. is a technology company founded in 2004 to design, develop and market cutting-edge assessment tools for the health fitness and wellness industries.

Medical products distributed by FORA Africa: BodyMetrix Professional.


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