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Managing your Diabetes with FORA® Diamond MINI Meter & iFORA BG App

Have you Downloaded the iFORA App yet? - Altys Group
Technology is revolutionising the way we manage diabetes. The development and application of advanced technology is central to FORA’ s mission to improve healthcare and the iFORA App is a great way to understand your diabetes management. It creates a perfect platform to share and update your current progress with your family, doctors and care providers.

The iFORA BG App can easily be downloaded to any Android or Apple phone.  The best place to start on the App, is the “FAQ?” option on the lower bar. The “Getting Started” link will assist you in the pairing of your  smartphone with your Bluetooth Meter.

Another valuable link under the FAQ option is Diabetes 101. This is a practical tool to improve your basic knowledge on diabetes and how diet, exercise and medication can affect your blood sugar.

Glucose targets for pre-meal, post-meal and  bedtime can easily be set in the “Settings” option on the lower bar. It is important to discuss these targets with your medical team as they might differ from person to person.

“Daily Routines” is another valuable way of improving your understanding of your diabetes management. Setting timeframes for your daily routine will help understanding trends in your blood glucose so much faster!  It will assist your medical team to make more informed decisions about your medication and lifestyle.

Greater knowledge and understanding will empower you to make more informed choices.