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Bad News, Time Flies. Great News, You’re the Pilot


Bad News, Time Flies. Great News, You’re the Pilot

How diabetes can be treated is largely up to the patient understanding that he or she is the pilot of his or her management program. Regular blood glucose monitoring, for example, is one of the most valuable aspects of managing diabetes. Glucose readings give you and your doctor insight into how exercise, food, and medicine affect your levels.

But making time to manage diabetes is probably one of the biggest challenges people with diabetes face.

Children often struggle to check glucose levels without an adult reminding them. For example, children are excited to spend recess with friends and often forget to check their glucose. This might lead to a missed opportunity to correct a high glucose reading. Setting reminders before recess, two hours after a meal or before exercise, improves their ability to take control. Reminders establish a testing routine and will improve monitoring of glucose levels.

Similarly, adults share the same challenge. Adults often have packed timetables, filled with deadlines and to-do lists. Even a stay-at-home parent would tell you how quickly time can pass when you are balancing household responsibilities.

The FORA® Diamond meters were developed with you in mind. You have the flexibility to set up to 4 reminders a day and to adjust them according to your changing needs. We know life is a balancing act, but friendly reminders will be a significant support while you pilot your life.

*It is important to follow your doctor’s advice on how often you should check your blood sugar levels.

How diabetes can be treated is up to the pilot.

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