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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hematocrit levels affect the result?

Can I test my blood glucose from sites other than my finger tips (AST)

Does the blood sample not filling up the strip confirmation affect the result?

How do I maintain my blood glucose meter?

How to enter the correct meter mode to perform a control solution test?

My new meter gives me a different result than my old meter for the same test. Does that mean my meter isn't accurate?

What is control solution

What should be the proper storage temperature for my meter and test strips

When should I check my meter's performance?

Why am I getting higher than expected readings?

Why does the control solution meter reading fall out the range printed on the strip vial label?

My meter keeps beeping/going off randomly?

What app should I be using with my meter?

How long with my will my battery last?

What brand of the battery fits the meter?

What can I do when the meter shows "Error Message" on the screen?