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DUO ultima D40

Blood Pressure Monitoring System

Key features

  • AVG Technology (Automated Averaging of 3 Measurements) conducts THREE measurements within TWO minutes to provide the most accurate and reliable final average test result.
  • IRB (Irregular Rapid Beat) Technology: a technology with high precision to detect pulse irregularities during the measurement. It alerts the user of any unusual spikes, patterns and trends for further check-ups with a doctor, but it is not a substitute for a cardiac examination.
  • No Coding Required: reduces errors and enhances the accuracy while performing the blood glucose test
  • Safe Strip Ejection: protects you from infection, which also eliminates any hand contact with the test strip
  • Pre & Post-meal Recordings: distinguishes the blood glucose test data from pre and post meal in order to improve the control over your blood glucose level
  • Clear & Wide Screen View: provides comfort for people of all ages and eyesight quality when reading the results
  • Accuracy by International Protocol: clinical accuracy of the device is further guaranteed by the ESH validation
  • PC Link (via USB/ Wireless) for Data Management: analyses your test results in a more detailed way by wired and wireless transmission of data anytime from your FORA D40 monitor to the FORA HealthCare Management System software on your PC
  • Designed by ForaCare Switzerland
  • Memory of up to 864 tests with dates & times
  • 7,14, 21, 28, 60, 90-day averages
  • Tiny Blood Sample: 0.5 uL
  • Quick Result within 5 seconds
  • Less Pain by AST (Alternative Site Testing)
  • Support FORA TeleHealth System


Basic Features Sample Size (μL) 0.5
Test Time (seconds) 5
Enzyme Type GOD
Code No Coding
Hematocrit Range 20~60%
BG Measuring Range 20~600mg/dL (1.1~33.3mmol/L)
Advanced Features Accuracy of Pressure ±3 mmHg or ±2% of reading
Accuracy of Heart Rate ±4% of reading
BP Measuring Unit mmHg or KPa
Pressure range 0 - 300 mmHg
Heart rate range 40 -199 beat per minute
Systolic Measurement Range 55 mmHg -255 mmHg
Diastolic Measurement Range 25 mmHg -195 mmHg
Pulse Rate Measurement Range 40 -199 beats / minute
Irregular Rapid Beat (IRB) Detection Yes
 3 Times Average Function (AVG) Yes
Auscultatory Mode -
Hi/ Lo Indicator (Sys 140/ Dia 90) Yes
Number of Users 4 users
PC-Link Memory 864 sets
Talking Function Yes
Strip Ejection Yes
Strip Feed Light -
Daily Alarm -
Ketone Warning Yes ≧240mg/dL
AC/PC in Memory Yes
QC Record Yes
Day Average 7/14/21/28/60/90 days
LCD Backlight -
PC Link D40a: USB
D40b: USB+ BT
Specification Power Source

AA*4 alkaline batteries

AA*4 rechargeable Ni-MH batteries

Rechargeable Li-Ion

Battery*(special order) External DC 6V

Power Saving 3 minutes (normal mode) or 5 minutes (RF mode)
Dimension (mm) 147 x 105 x 80
Weight (g)- Batteries Excluded 400


How to use

How To Use (Blood Glucose)

  • Insert a test strip to turn on the meter. The sequence of LCD displays is: “CHK” and    → flashing    with date and time.
  • Hold the pre-set lancing device firmly against the puncture site. Press the release button to obtain a drop of blood.
  • While    is flashing on the display, touch the absorbent hole on the tip of the test strip to the drop of blood until the confirmation window is completely filled.
  • After the meter counts to 0, your test result will appear along with the date and time and will be automatically stored in memory.

How To Use (Blood Pressure)

  • Sit down for at least 10 minutes before measuring.
  • Place your elbow on a flat surface and relax your hand with the palm facing up. The red line on the edge of the cuff should be approximately 0.8 to 1.2 inch (2 to 3 cm) above your elbow.
  • Apply the appropriate pressure cuff and make sure that the cuff is at the same height as your heart.
  • Arrange the tubing over the main arteries on the inside of your arm. Press    to start.
  • Measurement is in progress: Start inflation → SStop inflation when the cuff pressure is enough → Cuff pressure deflates steadily.
  • The monitor will display the systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and heart rate alongside the date and time. Press    to switch off.


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