Key features

  • AVG Technology (Automated Averaging of 3 Measurements) conducts THREE measurements within TWO minutes to provide the most accurate and reliable final average test result.
  • IRB (Irregular Rapid Beat) Technology: a technology with high precision to detect pulse irregularities during the measurement. It alerts the user of any unusual spikes, patterns and trends for further check-ups with a doctor, but it is not a substitute for a cardiac examination.
  • 100% Reliable: Clinically validated with the revised international protocol of the European Society of Hypertension (ESH-IP2), demonstrating the highest accuracy and reliability for hypertension management.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity: Transmits your test results instantly to your iOS and Android devices, and expands your health management capabilities.
  • Innovative Design: Smartly designed for those who want to keep their heart healthy.
  • Comfort Fit: A fan-shaped wide range cuff, ergonomically designed to fit naturally on different arm types.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Unlike other blood-pressure monitors, the cuff will inflate to a pressure just slightly over your systolic value to minimize discomfort from increased pressure.
  • Simple Operation: What you need is what you get. Push the One Button and read your blood pressure and pulse rate from the display.
  • LCD Backlight: The LCD display enables patients to read test results easily at any level of light, whether in a brightly lit room or at night.
  • 200 Result Memory: Records up to 200 test results automatically for test tracking and trend analysis.
  • Mobile Health: Connectivity, trend tracking, clear results on-the-go and social media sharing could be a part of your daily life, including monitoring and analysing your blood pressure. Connect to iFORA BP, the blood pressure tracker, on Apple Store and Google Play Store.
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