System performance
Power source Four 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Size of monitor w/o cuff 160 (L) x 95 mm (W) x 66.5 mm (H),
400g with batteries.
Cuff Size 24-43 cm (9.4 - 16.9 inches) 
with air tube 100 cm
Memory Maximum 60 memory records
Power saving Automatic power off if system idle for 3 minutes
System operating conditions 10°C to 40°C (50°F to104°F), 
below 85% RH
Meter storage conditions -20°C to 60°C(-4°F to140°F), 
below 95% RH
Power Supply Input DC +6V / 1A (max) via Power Plug
Blood pressure measurement performance
Measurement unit mmHg
Systolic Measurement Range 50 mmHg -255 mmHg
Diastolic Measurement Range 25 mmHg -195 mmHg
Pulse Rate Measurement Range 40 -199 beats / minute
Accuracy of Pressure ±3 mmHg or ±2% of reading
Accuracy of Pulse rate ±4% of reading


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