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ACTIVE plus P30 Plus

Blood Pressure Monitoring System - Upper Arm

Key features

  • AVG Technology (Automated Averaging of 3 Measurements) conducts THREE measurements within TWO minutes to provide the most accurate and reliable final average test result.
  • IRB (Irregular Rapid Beat) Technology: a technology with high precision to detect pulse irregularities during the measurement. It alerts the user of any unusual spikes, patterns and trends for further check-ups with a doctor, but it is not a substitute for a cardiac examination.
  • Auscultatory Mode: a multi-purpose device for both patients and professionals
  • Smart Memory Function: helps collect various day-time average results (24H/ morning/ evening) to detect morning and evening hypertension
  • Clear & Wide Screen View: provides comfort for people of all ages and eyesight quality when reading the results
  • Flexible & Easy-Care Wide Range Cuff: one cuff (24-43cm) fits both medium and large arm sizes
  • Accuracy by International Protocol: clinical accuracy of the device is further guaranteed by the ESH validation
  • Designed by ForaCare Switzerland
  • Memory of up to 60 Tests with dates & times


System performance
Power source Four 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
Size of monitor w/o cuff 160 (L) x 95 mm (W) x 66.5 mm (H),
400g with batteries.
Cuff Size 24-43 cm (9.4 - 16.9 inches) 
with air tube 100 cm
Memory Maximum 60 memory records
Power saving Automatic power off if system idle for 3 minutes
System operating conditions 10°C to 40°C (50°F to104°F), 
below 85% RH
Meter storage conditions -20°C to 60°C(-4°F to140°F), 
below 95% RH
Power Supply Input DC +6V / 1A (max) via Power Plug
Blood pressure measurement performance
Measurement unit mmHg
Systolic Measurement Range 50 mmHg -255 mmHg
Diastolic Measurement Range 25 mmHg -195 mmHg
Pulse Rate Measurement Range 40 -199 beats / minute
Accuracy of Pressure ±3 mmHg or ±2% of reading
Accuracy of Pulse rate ±4% of reading


How to use

Before Measurement

  1. Sit down for at least 10 minutes before measuring.
  2. Place your elbow on a flat surface and relax your hand with the palm facing up.
  3. Apply the proper pressure cuff and make sure the cuff is at the same height as your heart.

Taking Measurements

Single Measurement

  • Press    to start. Then the cuff will begin to inflate automatically.

    The "heart symbol    will flash when a pulse is detected during the inflation.

  • After the measurement, the monitor will display the systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate

Averaging Measurement (for FORA P30 Plus only)

  • Press    to start. Then the cuff will begin to inflate automatically.

    The monitor will take 3 measurements consecutively.

  • After 3 measurements are completed, the results are averaged and displayed with "AVERAGE symbol" on the monitor

Auscultatory Measurement (Only well- trained staff may use this mode to measure blood pressure manually.)

  • Press and hold    until "AUS symbol"appears on the display with a beep. The cuff will begin to inflate and then deflate automatically.

    Press    to adjust the inflation pressure if necessary, and release    to start the measurement.

  • The systolic pressure is measured when the operator first hears the sound of the pulse. Then the diastolic pressure is measured until the sound of the pulse disappears.

    The monitor will return to 0 mmHg after the measurement is completed.


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