Key Features

Advanced GDH-FAD Technology

The GDH-FAD test strips can eliminate interference from oxygen variations and non-glucose sugar such as maltose and galactose, providing you with the most reliable and accurate results.

Tiny Sample Volume

The smaller the sample size, the lesser the pain as the needle will not have to penetrate as deep, hence making it more comfortable for you and a positive experience is gained.

Fast Results in 5 Seconds

It is crucial that the meter provides you with the results efficiently as blood glucose levels can change rapidly at times, especially in situations where a patient needs to respond quickly to avoid suffering from hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

No Strip Coding Required

The glucose meter code will automatically match the test strip, reducing the risk of miscoding and avoiding the possibility of error readings. It is convenient, time saving and easy to use.

Ketone Warning

Ketoacidosis is a serious condition that could lead to diabetic coma. It is vital to check if your ketone level is under control so as to avoid the possibility of becoming very ill.

Micro-USB Connectivity

You are able to download your blood glucose testing results on your computer simply by plugging in the USB to the USB port on your computer and running the supporting system software for a more intense diabetes care management.

Memory of up to 450 Readings

Up to 450 test results can now be automatically recorded in the glucose meter. You can keep a better record and keep track of your diabetes management plans.

Pre-meal / Post-meal Mark

You can stay on top of your blood glucose level by distinguishing the differences between before and after meals so as to further adjust your diabetes management plans to achieve your goals.

Safe Strip Ejection

It is safer and more hygienic as it reduces the possibility of cross-infection as neither you nor the caregiver will be touching the strip after the test.

7-, 14-, 21-, 28-, 60-, 90- Day Averages

The blood glucose meter collects all the test readings over the past several weeks and months. It is able to calculate your average blood glucose level during this period. To manage your diabetes in a better way, you can further track your result variations during this period.

Four Reminder Alarm Settings

The alarms will remind you to run the blood glucose test on a daily basis as it is essential to gather a consistent data of trends and patterns of your blood glucose levels in order to spot any abnormal readings.

LCD Backlight

The LCD backlight will enable you to see your test results clearly even late at night or even in the dark as it improves the visibility of the numbers on the glucose meter..

Strip Feed Light

It will assist you to insert the strip into the glucose meter easily with the light indication at the test strip port. You can even run the test in the dark and still be able to insert the test strip port accordingly.

Contrasting Brightness

Contrasting brightness will allow you to read your test results at any time of day. Whether it is too bright or too dark, the high contrasting LCD display enables you to see your results easily.

ASSI (Advanced Superior Sip-In) Technology

Blood application is made easier and faster with a light touch. Supported by our ASSI (Advanced Superior Sip-In) technology, it allows blood to be easily drawn out onto the absorbent area of the strip even when moving. This reduces the chances of strip wastage and boosts the level of glucose detection.


The Diamond Series glucose meters have been carefully assessed to offer a stylish yet compact design. It is smartly subtle; you can hold the meter right in the palm of your hand with a rubber gripping texture which makes you feel secure and comfortable. You can put it in your pocket and go!

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