How to Use

Step 1.  Sit back and relax

  • The Diamond Mini is designed to make glucose testing easier and simpler. No strip coding is required.

Step 2.  Perform a control solution test

  • Insert the test strip to turn on the meter, and push the button to mark this test as a control solution test displayed as QC. Apply the control solution and compare the result with the range printed on the test strip vial. The result displayed on the screen should fall within the range.

Step 3.  Perform a blood glucose test

  • Insert the test strip to turn on the meter. Wait for the meter to display the blood drop symbols. Mark your reading as pre-meal or post-meal measurements by pushing the button.
  • Turn the dial and select a puncture depth. Hold the lancing device tip firmly against the selected punctured site. Push the release button to obtain a drop of blood.
  • Gently apply blood to the absorbent hole on the test strip. Blood will be drawn out by capillary action and the confirmation window will be completely filled.
  • After the meter counts down to 0, the test result will be displayed and automatically saved in the memory.

Step 4.  Result interpretation

A symbolic message will be displayed with the test result. It is intended for your reference only. Please consult your doctor for your blood glucose target range.

Should you have any concerns about your blood glucose levels, please consult your doctor immediately.

Step 5.  Data transmission

Test results can be uploaded via Bluetooth connectivity to devices with iOS/Android as the operating system or via micro USB connection to a personal computer.

  • Bluetooth
    Turn off the meter. The Bluetooth indicator light next to the button will flash. Software on iOS/Android will be initiated automatically. New test results will be detected and transmitted automatically.
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