The BodyMetrix is a hand-held device that uses precision ultrasound technology to measure your body composition down to the millimeter. BodyMetrix is the only affordable portable imaging system on the market. That means you can capture your very own cross-sectional images to track your fat loss and muscle gain!

This easy to use system plugs right into your computer’s USB port. Setup is quick and simple. Measurements take only a few minutes. Soon you can be setting, assessing, and tracking your health and fitness goals. BodyMetrix is the ideal tool for showing you the results you have worked for.

The BodyMetrix is the same professional-grade technology used by world-class sports teams, medical doctors, and elite fitness trainers all over the world. Now this precision piece of equipment is available for you!

Below is an example when using a 3 site Formula. The BodyMetrix System offers formulas that use as few as 1 site or as many as 9 sites to calculate accurate Body Fat %.

However, being an ultrasound device, the BodyMetrix system can do so much more !

For example scanning with the BodyMetrix allows you to directly see fat and muscle layers as shown below.

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